Wednesday, April 9, 2014

'Captain America' Loads of Fun; Wasted 3D

"Captain America: Winter Soldier," the second in the superhero series, is one of the better movies of this genre I've seen. This one is to Marvel's characters what Daniel Craig's first James Bond appearance was to that franchise: an exciting addition with legs.

I will mention that 3D in this case (as it is in 95 percent of cases with me) is a waste of time, effort and money. The movie cost nearly twice as much to get into ($9.50 for a senior, matinee at the cheapest theater in town* is a bit out of line) as a 2D movie would have. And the payoff was that I sat there feeling like somebody had a sunscreen between the movie and me for 2.5 hours. The 3D added nothing and subtracted a good bit.

"Captain II" has already earned well over $300 million in a little over a week for a movie that cost a third that to make. Paying out $100 million for a movie is a lot of bread, but you can see it all on the screen here with spectacular special effects, three big stars (Scarlett Jahansson, Robert Redford and Samuel L. Jackson and the lovely Chris Evans--not yet a star in that mega-galaxy--as the Captain), and a story that has today's politics written all over it.

Evans is a good Captain, one who's a bit more serious in this outing than he was in the charming and entertaining first edition. Redford is the bad guy and Jackson is the bad good guy. Scarlett Jahansson is ... well, you know. I'd watch her read the phone book, but when she goes into her karate kick-butt mode, it gives an old man heart flutters.

Fun movie. Go see it.

(*When you go to as many movies as I do, you look for bargains.)

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