Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Difference Two Degrees Can Make (in Your Wallet)

Just got my electric bill for March and made a significant discovery: During the past month, I turned my thermostat up two degrees from 68 to 70 because old men get cold, and that cost $1.08 per day per degree: $2.16 a day total.

The average temperature for the billing period was 42 degrees, same as last year (that in itself was quite a surprise) and I actually used 19 KWH per day less, but the bill was still more than $60 more than it was last year during this time. My guess is there's some kind of rate increase in there and coupled with a warmer house, I got nailed.

Turned it back down a bit ago, just as the temp in the house was climbing toward 70 on its own. Live and learn. Or something.

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