Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Pal Elizabeth Paints My House

Elizabeth gets perspective of the house.
A little drawing here.
And another angle.
My friend Elizabeth Markham, a writer and an artist, is across the street from my house at this moment doing preliminary drawings for a portrait of my little Cape Cod.

She's doing it more for the exercise and exposure than anything else, but she said a little while ago that having a short-term goal with this picture will get her out of the starting gate and back to painting.

I like her work a lot and am sorry she hasn't been doing a lot of it because my guess is that her paintings will sell. Elizabeth is a young mother who is very serious about her children and that takes precedence, as it should. I truly hope this one works out for her and that she gets a ton of commissions to do houses.

When she finishes this one, I'll put a picture of it up on the blog and let you see for yourself how good she is. I predict you'll like her work.

Now, if we can get her back to writing some of that marvy poetry ...

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