Monday, April 14, 2014

Photos of the Day: Funny What Hides in Plain Sight

Love dandelions. Eat the tender underleaves in salad, make wine (which I can't) out of the flowers.
A strawberry fetus hides in there.
The crabapple is especially colorful in its inaugural year.
This violet is a suprrise gift for someone (it'll decorate a brownie).
This is forsythia, which heralds spring, even when it's not coming.
Ran upon some pals on Roanoke City Market at lunchtime who were photographing flowers at a
farmer's stand. Pansies, I think. I asked what specifically they were doing and was told "macro photography." I asked why they needed to come down to the market for that, why didn't they just go to the back yard.

Here's what I got in my back yard a few minutes ago.

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