Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today's Survey: The Lowdown on Cheating Spouses

"But, honey, he listens to me."
Here's the answer you've all been looking for. The question is, "Why did your spouse cheat on you."

The answer: "Who knows?"

But, then there's this: A new survey by the dating site Victoria Milan (this is for married people looking to get laid) tells us that among the 4,000 cheaters responding, most of them think their spouse is:

1. Better looking than their fling
2. Younger than the over-nighter
3. More interesting than temp love
4. In better shape than their affair partner

On the flip side, the temp was more passionate and listened better. Almost all of the women (89+ percent) said their outside lover made them feel more appreciated than the guy they're committed to.

Another site discovered that men who are cheating drink Guiness and that the women on the make want to eat at Morton's Steakhouse (I don't think we have one of those in Roanoke).


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