Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photo of the Day: When an Office Was an Office

Cool office, huh? OK, a bit on the messy side, but I knew where everything was and there was a lot of "everything" involved.

This was the old Blue Ridge Business Journal office on the corner of Mountain Ave. and Franklin Rd. in downtown Roanoke, probably about 2005 or so. We were there for about five years and I had this monster office, which was great for all the things I had to do (write, edit, assign, design, photograph, plan and hoard). I was not the messy one in the company, though.

Never liked the paneling or the carpet, but if I'd had it changed, I'd have been the one doing the changing.

Jim Lindsey had three offices. Three of them. Because he kept filling them up. I mean he filled them to chin level. When one was full, he'd go to No. 2, then No. 3. When they were all full, he took the stuff home and put it in the basement. His wife at the time was not amused, but Jim couldn't get rid of anything. And he could always find it. Never figured that out. Amazing, I thought.

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