Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can Dems Take Advantage of Huge Lead in Va?

This, fresh off politicalwire.com:

"A new Rasmussen survey in Virgina shows Terry McAuliffe (D) has jumped to a 17-point lead over Ken Cuccinelli (R) in the Virginia gubernatorial race, 50 to 33 percent. Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis is a distant third with 8 percent."

The underlying message here is that  even with the worst Democratic candidate for governor in my memory, the Republicans have gone so far away from reality that they're losing in an epic landslide. This has a very strong national message that the GOP will strongly deny, opening the way for taking back the House next year and re-taking the presidency in 2016.

It has more to do with people being anti-Republican than pro-Democratic. The Dems are actually hovering in the center of the political spectrum, but the demonization of the party--especially on talk radio and Faux News--is so thorough that people will hate them no matter what they do (including adopting Republican programs like the ACA).

Dems need to be careful and responsive if they are to take advantage of this gap. Redistricting is looming and it is crucial that the Democrats take state general assemblies and governorships in order to turn the corner here and take back the government. It is not a certainty by any means, but now it looks possible.

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