Thursday, October 3, 2013

Carilion Medicare Plan Closing; Where Do I Go from Here?

Got a letter that I've been half-expecting from Carilion Clinic yesterday telling me that its Carilion Clinic Medicare Advantage Plan is folding its tent Dec. 31.

CEO Nancy Agee, a good pal of mine, wrote that "in 2010, we launched our plan to provide enhanced benefits to valued patients like you at an affordable price. Unfortunately, recent federal changes to the Medicare Advantage Program would have required our plan to significantly reduce benefits or change significantly more just to stay in business." So it's closing.

Which leaves me in a quandary. Where do I go with my health care needs which seem to grow with the years? I am not eligible for the controversial Obama plan and the website tells me that the AARP program and several Humana programs would fit, given the drugs I take. But what if those drugs change--as they seem to upon occasion? Everywhere I turn (even to my pharmacist) the response is, "Depends on the drugs you take." And I can understand that.

Looks like this whole dealie is a roll of the dice, based upon conjecture and wild guesses.

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