Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Energy Conference at Greenfield Oct. 18

Cabell Brand is still at it as he enters his late 80s. The old lion of this region's liberals is sponsoring yet another energy conference Oct. 18 at the Greenfield Center in Botetourt County and the goal this year will be to help put into place policies that could help Virginians reduce energy needs by 10 percent by 2022 and postpone the need to build four to five additional power generation stations, clean our air, water, and land, and save Virginians a net $200 million to $700 million."

Among the guests is Senator John S. Edwards of Roanoke, who will talk about policies advancing Virginia’s clean energy future, as well as a new finance model designed to make solar power affordable for schools, municipalities, non-profits and other tax exempt entities in the Roanoke Region.

Among the workshop's topics: an overview of the Virginia Energy Sense program; energy saving programs on the horizon for Appalachian Power customers in Virginia, best practices for professional energy audits and energy efficiency retrofits to maximize return on investment, crafting and financing low-energy buildings, creating a solar ready community through addressing solar soft cost and barriers, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s Solar Program and model solar ordinances, innovative solar PV finance model for tax exempt entities in Roanoke Region, affordable solar PV solutions for home and business owners, and Appalachian Voice’s New Power for the Old Dominion Campaign.

For more information and to register go here. You cal also call Angela Conroy at 540-243-1188.

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