Monday, October 14, 2013

Morgan Griffith Giving Bill Scott a Run for His Dumb Title

William Scott
As we ponder this piece in Mother Jones magazine, we are reminded of former Virginia Sen. William Scott, who was named in 1974 the Dumbest Congressman by a Ralph Nader research group, Legal Times. It was a tiny publication with almost no readership.

Scott called a press conference in Washington--before national media--to say the charge wasn't so, thus proving the charge was so.

Now we have Mother Jones bringing up the intellectual acumen of Morgan Griffith of  Salem, which is not inside the 9th District of Congress, which he represents. He is a former drunk driving lawyer who was married in a cemetery and he's saying that fracturing the debt ceiling and destroying America's credit rating could be the best thing to happen to us since the Revolution.

Griffith has said dumb things before. A lot of dumb things. An avalanche of dumb things. But probably not anything as dumb as this.

William Scott, a Senator whose entire six years in office were spent on junkets (with his wife) to places he'd never heard of (he once put the Khyber Pass in the wrong country), was notable for not being notable. Morgan Griffith is his equal. An empty suit is at least a suit. This dude's clothes are missing, as well.

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