Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is This a New, Improved Jean Jadhon?

Jean Jadhon from her Google + page (how she sees herself?)
Have I been wrong about WDBJ news anchor Jean Jadhon all these years or was that somebody disguised as her moderating the gubernatorial debate tonight at Virginia Tech?

I've always considered her the lightest of newsroom lightweights, more Betty Boop than Walter Cronkite. She is constantly posing, being cutsy, telling animal stories, doing absolutely nothing to say, "Hey, guys, I'm serious about this job." She's rarely done anything to shake my conviction that she chose the wrong profession. Until now.

Tonight she was competent, in control, confident, decisive and an excellent moderator. I don't know who would have done it better, including WDBJ reporter Joe Dashiell, whom I would have selected for the job.

When I heard that she was going to be the moderator of a debate between two people who have no business running for governor of Virginia, I thought, "How fitting." She was better than both of them put together.

So, I'll say it: I was wrong about tonight. I'll look closely in the future. Maybe I've been wrong about Jean Jadhon all along.

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  1. I worked 16 years as a photographer at WDBJ7 and I can tell you first hand , Jean Jadhon is no "Betty Boop." She is a professional, and that professionalism showed last night. This is no surprise to anyone who knows Jean. She cares about the news (which is more than I can say for some people.)