Saturday, October 26, 2013

Times-Dispatch: Nobody for Governor

None of the above.
I find it odd that the last time--before now--that the Richmond Times-Dispatch refused to endorse a candidate for governor came in 1967 when the choices were Republican Linwood Holton and Democrat Bill Battle. Holton won and became, arguably, the best governor in our history. (Here's a look at its opinion and other endorsements.)

Problem was and is that Holton was considered a liberal. These days, he can't find a Republican he will endorse and he remains one of the most respected, even revered, men in Virginia political history.

The T-D, which always endorses the Republican, even when the Repub is Oliver North, George Allen, Bob McDonnell or Jim Gilmore, all of them awful candidates and most terrible governors. The last time the T-D story says it endorsed a Democrat was in 1973 when it went for Democrat Mills Godwin (he changed parties and became a Republican), who had already served a term as a Democrat before Holton. Governors can't serve consecutive terms here.

One of the most ingenious endorsements of this campaign comes from the Charlottesville Daily Progress, which endorsed Bill Bolling, a Republican who lost the nomination to Ken Cuccinelli--the candidate of the Tea and other parties, none of which has any sense.

(Graphic: Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

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