Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Miscarriage and Abortion: The Center of Controversy

Here's a case of a Virginia Republican legislator from the New River Valley drowning in his own swill and squealing like a stuck pig (actually, his wife is doing the screaming) when he's called on it.

Anti-choice politics goes into some very dark corners, including criminalization, vaginal probing, intimidation, and just about anything else they believe will discourage abortion--any abortion for any reason. In this story, the attempted criminalization of miscarriage is the focus. These bills have been introduced across the country for years now and Virginia's is not unusual in that.

This story, I'm afraid, is heavily slanted toward the emotional complaints of the candidate's wife, who had two miscarriages during the past year. Abortion politics is most often about irrational emotion, claims that one-day-old fetuses are "children," photos of late-term abortions. I hate abortion and what it has done to our country, but the Supreme Court has said repeatedly that it is legal, a woman's right. Republicans continue to attempt--against the wishes of their own Republican Supreme Court--to make it illegal.

Abortion makes crazies of us all. I'd love for it to go away as an issue, but it won't and because of that, we will continue to get political races like the one mentioned in this story. So sad for us all.

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