Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Surprise Announcement from a Buddy

Greasing the palms of the political machine.
I chatted last night with a woman for whom I have a great deal of regard and discovered to my enormous surprise that she is a Republican and has been all her life.

All our conversation to that point had led me to believe she was a liberal, regardless of party affiliation, and she said nothing even after telling me "I'm on the other side" of the aisle from me that would have led me to a different conclusion.

Her party proclamation came when I mentioned that I want Elizabeth Warren to be president. She said, "I wish my party had a clear choice for 2016, but I don't see anybody at all. Maybe Marco Rubio, but the more I learn ..."

My friend grew up poor and has worked like a Trojan to become head of a significant institution. She is admirable in every sense, but all of our conversation belied her political affiliation. She wants to help the poor, lessen the power of corporations and money in politics, make sure people have the essential services they need and should have for our country to be secure (health care and education among them). She is thoroughly fed up with political gamesmanship and brinksmanship. She sounded like me.

My conclusion is that we--as citizens of the United States--are probably a lot closer in political philosophy than our politicians are, but we keep electing fools because the fools, playing with fools' money and corrupt donors, rig the system against us. I felt good after talking to my friend because she gave me hope that the gap is not a gully, except when we're talking about the people who govern. When we get too close to them, we need a bath.



  1. I also wish her party had clear choice for 2016. I like the idea of Elizabeth Warren, but I also long for effective balance by Republicans. Something we haven't had since Dwight Eisenhour, although who didn't have a warm place in their heart for the amiable guy who got his start selling "Twenty Mule Team Borax" and demanding that Kruschev, "tear down this wall."

    We lost reasonable balance when the Republican Party sold out to the Christian right as political players. Their characteristic refusal to give consideration to any other "way" sent liberals screaming in the opposite direction opening a gaping hole for corporate and special interest manipulation. It also opened the doors to even more radical crazies on both sides where critical thinking is unwelcome.

    The only place to fix this is start at home, like you and your friend!