Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Values at the Layman Farm

My son, Evan, and I play "Swing the Oz".
Grandgirl Madeline (pink right) bounces on the big rubber thingy.
Oz joins his sister for a bounce.
Madeline and her bud Maggie spring forward.
Evan and Oz head toward the maize.
Oz looks for a way out.
Maggie grows long horns.
Maddie shucks corn; Leah holds the bounty.
Kara and Oz at the corn crib.
All aboard (Maddie and Maggie) for the hayride.
The happy gang on board the hay wagon, heading to the pumpkin patch.
Oz runs to his perfect pumpkin ...
... and hits the deck ...
... but he claims a beauty.
Maddie shows her "healthy hotdog."
Oz recovers his fumbled corn (he was attached to that cob).
"Family values" shows in Kara's and Evan's faces.
Leah, Oz and Maggie ride the cow train.
Maggie and Maddie in the corn field. Maggie finally smiled. Pretty, huh?
Love this shot of my girls.
Here's Pampa doing what Pampa does.
Me and my buds. Oz, quit that!
Talking football with my boy.
Leah and the kidlings play "Edith Ann."
I'm too old for this, Leah!
The Layman Family Farm in Montvale is one of a group of new farm theme parks that have cropped up around the area recently, a way of showing off farm life and capping off a profitable harvest season with more profit.

This substantial farm, just inside Bedford County, provides rides, food and a lot of other family activities ($10 a head for adults, tokens $1 each to do stuff) and on a fall afternoon as pretty as Sunday's was, it's worth every dime.

We took the whole gang over yesterday and had a blast. It's a great way to play with the younger kids and to wear them out, so they'll sleep on the way home. You'll hear a lot of laughter. Nice day for the fam.

(Photos with me in them by Leah Weiss. Others are mine.)

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