Friday, October 25, 2013

Libertarian Sarvis: 'It's Long Past Tragedy'

Libertarian Robert Sarvis
According to my bud Val Garner, here's what Virginia gubernatorial Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis had to say about last night's debate at Virginia Tech between the major party candidates (to which he was not invited):

“The debate didn't offer much value for voters. This is what two men without ideas or depth look like. Virginia voters were prevented from hearing me discuss the problems and challenges we face. The Commonwealth’s electorate was deprived of an opportunity to hear about my vision of a Virginia that’s both ‘Open-minded and Open for Business.’

"We've allowed our political system to become closed off from competition and good ideas, by letting the major-party candidates choose the terms of debate and exclude candidates like me. It's long past tragedy. It's become a
complete farce."

It is truly sad that the only candidate in the race not picked by insiders and supported by corporate money is the third candidate--the one not included in the festivities. I'm not voting Libertarian--even though this party usually offers the most intelligent, thoughtful and honest candidates, as is the case here--because it is a party that is anti-government. I believe in a strong role for government and must go with the Democrats, whose candidate here offends me.

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