Friday, July 18, 2014

The Trip So Far: GPS to the Moon

My new shirt and me.
So I put my faith in my GPS and it takes me through Rural Retreat, Galax and god knows where else to turn a three-hour trip to the mountains of North Carolina into a four-hour adventure. But it got me here. Right to the front door of the Pineola Inn. For that I'm grateful. For the round-about, I could bitch, but I won't.

Upon entering Boone, I discovered the temperature outside my truck was 66 degrees and falling and that I had not packed anything with sleeves. I actually had a jacket readied for the trip (so I could eat dinner with an old friend in a toney restaurant tonight), but I forgot to put it in the truck. About half way between Boone and Linville, I found a thrift shop on the side of the road. Slid into the parking lot, stormed in the front door with "where's the men's stuff?" and immediately found a new (with tag) gold faux suede Van Husen shirt, size 16 1/2, 33-34 and I slipped it on, handed the lady $5 and was back out the door. Can't shop faster or better than that.

Now, I'm at the Inn, waiting for my old high school friend Regeina Street Clark to pick me up for dinner in Banner Elk. This should be fun.

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