Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gratitude: Let's Do Something NOW

Today, I am grateful for:

Spontaniety, which I have a difficult time spelling*, but not much trouble practicing.

I adore people who will join me in a quick decision to do something fun, something important, something creative, a small project, a large project. I don't much care for, "Oh, give me an hour and yes, I'll be ready to go to the movie with you." I much prefer, "Yep, when do you want to go? Now? Sure, let's go."

Spontaneous affection, learning, giving, going, receiving guests. It's all fun and when I take the planning out, I get the unusual, the unexpected and the surprising. I'll take that.

(*I did a Spellcheck on "sponteneity" and got cussed out.)

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