Friday, July 11, 2014

Overnight Sensations: We're Ready to Entertain You

This is the cast, writer and director of the play I will be in tomorrow.
Poo-bah Todd Ristau (left) with directors, writers.
My pal Ernie Zulia is one of the directors.
We did the initial meeting tonight for Saturday's production of Overnight Sensations, the series of six plays that will be written tonight, rehearsed tomorrow and produced beginning at 8 p.m. Saturday.

We actors were assigned a director, writer and a scenario, which will become our 10-minute play. Mine's an action/thriller set in a pawn shop. Ben Martin, one of my favorite playrights will pen the brief set and Katie Mack will direct. Katie says she wants everybody to feel free to offer suggestions. I'm pretty certain she'll hear what we think.

Hope you will come see us. This thing is a lot of fun and it's free.
Actors gather in Mill Mountain Theatre.
My pals Sonya Chappelear and Mary Jean Levin.
Writer Ben Martin, director Katie Mack.
Ex-anchorman-turned-actor Keith Humphry showed up in these shoes.
Anna Goodwin (right) with a pretty actress named Wendy.

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