Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maddie and Sonya: Hiking Buds

Grandgirl Maddie and my pal Sonya Chapellear head for the bridge on the Hollins Greenway Trail.
Maddie picked these and promptly ate them.
Maddie met my pal Sonya Chappelear today and they hit it off swimmingly. We had lunch at Panera, then head off for a hike on the Hollins Greenway Trail up the back side of Tinker Mountain.

Mads and Sonya found their way together, chatting all the way, picking blackberries and collecting rocks, bird feathers and various pieces of wood. They're alike in that.

Had a good time. Here's some of it.
This is near the top, where the view is of Carvins Cove.
The ladies take a break on a comfy nature chair.
Maddie and Sonya did some chowing down.

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