Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gratitude: Thank You for Your Concern

Today, I am grateful for:

The generous outpouring of care and concern from those who have written and called about my little hospital stay. I've assured all that this is mostly a checkup and tuneup based on old-man issues, but your genuine caring touches and humbles me.

Let me also mention that the medical professionals here at Carilion, from meal service, to room clean-up details to nurses and nursing assistants has been better than I had hoped. I  had a difficult time sleeping my first two nights because of normal hospital activity, mentioned it, and Jodi and Denichia took care of it. Slept eight peaceful hours last night and feel great this a.m. All the people here listen and I like that. Even the kid who delivers meals heard my concerns about the content of my "diabetes" meals and adjusted them.

Thank you all. You make life a joy.

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