Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo of the Day: Topping the Cake

This is my friend Teresa Sakesagawa and me at Lucky in downtown Roanoke tonight where she treated me to a fine birthday dinner. I asked the waiter to photograph us and mentioned to Teresa that because the shot was in natural light, it would be good in black and white. She seemed surprised I could do that, so I said I'd go one better and make it sepia toned. Here it is. Looks pretty good, I think. (I've already done a Gratutude post on PhotoShop, so I'll skip that now.)

Oh, meant to mention: My pal Robyn Schon of the Roanoke Civic Center sent me a message the other day that she'd arranged to have Sheryl Crow play at the Ampitheatre tonight for my birthday and I mentioned that I had a previous engagement, but we made it up for a while. Thanks, Robyn, looked like a really nice crowd. I didn't hear "Happy Birthday" being sung, though. Maybe we left too early.

Thank you Teresa and all of the rest of you who made this day special. I just love every one of you separately and together.

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