Friday, July 11, 2014

Roanoke View from Star Is Obstructed

This was today's view of Roanoke from Mill Mountain. Where the hell is Roanoke?
Guy on crane gets clear photo of Roanoke.
One of the most photographed spots in this entire region is Roanoke from the Mill Mountain star. Let me challenge you to get a photo of the Star City from the Star right now.

The area is so overgrown that it is difficult at best to get a decent shot, unless you're the guy on the crane at the left. These men were working on the star today and took a minute to get a photo. I had to work my way around the trees to get what you see above.

I got a shot of McAfee's Knob from the lower observation deck, about 200 yards away from the star deck. Let me very strongly suggest to the city that it send a crew of men, a chain saw or two and a bucket truck to the deck and trim back the brush. That view is our very signature and should not be obstructed.

Here are the guys on the train, firing away at the view.
This is the best shot I could get of Roanoke with a very long lens and it ain't much to write home about.

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