Saturday, July 12, 2014

Overnight Sensations: Once Again, a Rousing Success

Mary Jean Levin, me, Michael Mansfiled and Nathan Smith in the climactic scene.
Mill Mountain Theater and Hollins University's Theater Department have pulled it off again: Overnight Sensations was, for the seventh or eighth year a ... well ... sensation.

A big, enthsiastic crowd filled MMT's main auditorium to see 12 directors/writers and 36 actors turn in six plays that were written overnight Friday and produced and presented Saturday. I love doing these plays and this was my sixth, as I recall. This time the old anti-war, anti-gun liberal editr got to tote a gun as a vicious killer ... in a tux.

Here are some pix of what went on.

That's my buddy Sonya Chappelear in the middle looking absurd.
This play took place at sea and might have been the funniest.
That's young Gwyneth Strope in the middle. Her mom and dad are Amanda and Michael Mansfield, excellent actors.
Ex-WDBJ7 newsman Keith Humphry is inside left.
Mary Jean Levin, Jennifer Tidwell, Anna Holland of our play.
Taking a bow at the end of Ben Williams play (Katie Mack director).
(Photos with me in them taken by Dwayne Yancey. Thanks Dwayne. Nice job.)


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