Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gratitude: Those Summer Berries ... and Mayo

Mother Smith's Summer Mayo.
Today, I am grateful for:

Blueberries. And strawberries. And raspberries. And Mother Smith's Amazing World Famous Herbal Mayonnaise. But especially blueberries.

I've been eating a handful of blueberries occasionally throughout the day during this height-of-season and I think I may be addicted. They're wonderful in just about everything from oatmeal to salad and they're so dang good for us all.

I made the mayo this morning for my pal Alicia. We're trading summer goodies and I added lemon and lime basil, as well as dill and lemon juice to the mayo so that it has a summer taste to it. Really good stuff and with the rice oil I'm using, it's especially healthy.

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