Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Grandin Theatre: Turning the Corner?

I've been in close contact the last couple of days with a Grandin Theatre board member and, though I can't tell you the specifics of what we talked about, let me say that I an richly encouraged at some of the steps being undertaken to make this the movie house it should be.

The Grandin has become stale, a bit smelly (in the figurative sense) and one I consider an alternative rather than a priority for my moviegoing, which is a lot.

The discussion process is going on right now and my guess is that within a couple of months, you're going to see some changes top to bottom in the way the theater operates that will please you. The board member tells me everybody associated with the Grandin is seeking opinions of those who care and they're serious about implementing the good ideas. Even talking about new ideas--which was not possible before now--pleases me. Stay tuned.

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