Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kathy Chittum Appears To Be Out at Grandin Theatre

Protesting Grandin management in January of 2010.
(UPDATE--This from somebody very close to the theater and the board at the Grandin, who asked not to be ID'd: “She's out. The board actually got their shit together and said 'We're tired of constantly hearing No from you. At this rate we'll be out of business in a year.' So to solve two problems at once, they got rid of her and are meeting with people to see what they can do to help.” There is apparently more to it, but we'll keep it to this.)

Three people today have told me that Kathy Chittum is no longer with the Grandin Theatre, that she was, variously "dismissed," "let go," "fired." I can't verify beyond what I was told by people who would know, but if it is true, I am not sorry.

From the time she led the board to fire Jason Garnett, who should have been in charge of the theater, she was on my crap list. That act and others sparked some pretty significant protesting in 2010 and grumbling ever since.

If anybody can verify this, please do.

(Note: Seems odd to me that when I Google "kathy chittum grandin theatre roanoke," I get more photos of me than of Kathy.)

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