Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gratitude: Responsive City Government

City Manager Chris Morrill: Quick response.
(UPDATE: This response Monday at noon is from Roanoke urban forester Dan Henry: "The Star overlook was last vista pruned in August of 2012.  Typically, we prune the overlooks every three years, but the tree growth ultimately dictates the schedule.  I have a work order on file to perform this work. I have moved it up on our priority listing and will schedule it for completion this week.  We will focus on the Star overlook, and do a little work to the lower overlook if needed.  We also just completed the Mill Mountain Zoo overlook earlier this month.")

 Today, I'm thankful for:

Responsive government officials.

Yesterday, I hiked up Mill Mountain and when I reached the top, I discovered that "the view"--the one of the Roanoke Valley everybody loves--has grown up to the point that it's now "the view-ette." It ain't what it should be and that could be a problem.

This is the view we all take visitors to see, the one people pour off the Parkway to photograph, the one teenagers pause at to suck face. And now, we can't see it.

So--now this is Saturday about lunch time--I get on the 'puter and send an e-mail to Chris Morrill, Roanoke's city manager. An hour later, he's back with me, telling me his man is on it and the problem will be solved quickly.

Chris has performed that kind of service--in my experience--since he took the job. I have been around city managers since 1971 and for this type of response, nobody is even second to him. It falls to about fourth. He could teach a class. I wish he would.

Thank you, Chris.

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  1. Thanks Dan for letting us know who to contact when other departments fail to respond.