Friday, July 4, 2014

Gratitude: On the 4th, Hoping for Something That Works

Today, Independence Day, I am grateful for:

Americans who continue to believe in the American Dream, despite a government that is thoroughly corrupt, cynical, heavily in debt to extreme wealth and in opposition to the values that made our country work against long odds for so long.

Americans remain generous and good, naive and faithful to their country, while politicians--at every level--distort all that for their own gain and for the enrichment of a few.

I don't know if there's much we will do about the corruption at this point because of the overwhelming divisiveness of issues like abortion, gun control and taxes, but so many people retain an optimistic outlook that I have to believe some day soon, we'll turn the corner and re-create a government that works. It doesn't now, but it could. And maybe it will.

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