Monday, July 7, 2014

Gratitude: A Smile That Shows the Teeth

OK, they're crooked, but they're clean.
Today I am thankful for:

Clean teeth. OK, today's cleaning was an ordeal, coming so close to dealing with the medical community on an intense level last week, but the teeth are gleaming and my mouth is refreshed.

A few years ago, it was pointed out to me--in no uncertain terms--that I had allowed my alcoholism to interfere with good dental health and that I damn well needed to have my teeth cleaned. Well, I did. And it started a regimen of regular cleanings (four times a year because of the neglect), repairs and upkeep.

It's been expensive, inconvenient and occasionally uncomfortable, but I have most of my teeth still and a friend recently observed, "I think your smile is good because of your teeth. They have such character." I'll take that. I spent most of my life hiding my teeth, embarrassed. I don't do that any more. And that's a reason to celebrate.

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