Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Viginia Republican Travesties Put on Hold for the Moment

How 'bout a bill to abort this?
The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the Republican Cultists in Virginia's House of Representatives have delayed passage of some of their most controversial and demeaning bills for reasons that were not explained.

In a story this afternoon, the T-D says the Republicans' state-sponsored rape bill (the one they're calling an ultrasound bill that is "good for" the woman being raped by a probe) is one of several bills being held over. A NYTimes story this morning says Gov. Bob McDonnell is having some reservations about signing the bill because it is being roundly ridiculed nationally and he apparently has some vice presidential ambitions (giving you an idea just how bare the Republican cabinet is).

Among the other bills that have been set aside for the moment, according to the TD:

  • A bill that would repeal the state's one-gun-a-month bill (meaning you could buy all you want and go shoot up a church).
  • "Conscience clause" legislation (from people with no conscience) that "would protect the right of private adoption agencies to refuse child placement to prospective parents based on their beliefs." This is, pure and simple, an anti-gay law.
  • A "castle doctrine" bill that would "allow home occupants to use any degree of force, even lethal, against intruders who attack them." So, if a 10-year-old breaks into your house, you can blow his friggin' head off with one of those 1,000 guns you own and Virginia will say you're sane and legal, neither of which is necessarily true.
  • A "number of other gun-related bills," all of which give rights to unstable people wanting all this firepower.

Do you think they're crazy yet?

(Graphic: ammo.net)


  1. Dan, you make points, but your blog is difficult to reply to because it is not linear. I can't reply and see your points at the same time. Very difficult. You make four points, but i can't switch back and forth to review your points as I comment. Once I start to reply I have lost the thread of your comments. It is not like a FaceBook comment as an example.

  2. Tyler: I have opened the floodgate to those wishing to argue with or support these arguments.