Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lou Dobbs Sees Bogeyman in 'The Lorax'

Lou Dobbs
Leave it to good old predictable Fox News (or Faux Nooze if you prefer) to uncover evil liberal plots in the most inane appearing of our endeavors. The latest is Hollywood's effort to create "Occu-toddlers," according to some of Fox's wise talking heads.

Huffington Post reports that Fox Business News is going after "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax," a new animated movie, because it "is once again trying to indoctrinate our children." Lou dobbs says "the Lorax" and movies like it are ""demonizing the 1% and espousing green energy policies."

This follows a Fox assault on those liberal "Muppets" for going after oil barons and oil companies. Dobbs is worried that "The Lorax" is about "a woodland creature that speaks for trees and fights rampant industrialism" (it is). He complains that President Obama insists "everyone should pay their fair share." (He does.)

This all sounds so much like The Onion's brand of satire that it's difficult to believe an adult human being would really say out loud and on TV. These guys have been hanging too close to Glenn Beck too long and his rolling eyeballs and waggling tongue have infected them.

Occu-toddlers, indeed.

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