Friday, February 24, 2012

Griffith's Law Partner's Wife Cuts Him Off

David Albo: Women and immigrants, NO
The guy in this video, Rep. David Albo, a Republicultist from Alexandria/Fairfax, is telling a funny story about how his wife denied him sex over one of those nutty right-wing bills that has to do with women's bodies.

I'm telling you, there's a tactic there that works. Consider it, ladies. (Shades of "Lysistrata," the wonderful old Greek play wherein the ladies cut off the gentlemen in the ruling body.)

By the way, this Albo character has been U.S. Congressman Morgan Griffith's (R-Salem Proper and some places in Southwest Virginia that aren't important enough to live in)  business partner in the law firm of Albo and Oblon in Alexandria.

They defend rich drunk drivers. Griffith handles this end of the state.

They all deserve to be cut off for a variety of reasons beginning with legislating against women. (Albo also sponsors xenophobic legislation against immigrants.)


  1. Dan, Morgan does not work for ANY law firm. I do, however work for them. While its fun to read your silly posts, they should at least be accurate.

  2. Ms. Griffith:
    Shall we say he did work for Albo and Ablon, as this would testify: