Friday, February 24, 2012

This Just In: Poor Bobby McD Just Didn't Know

Bob McDonnell at press conference.
This from the Huffington Post:

Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) said on Friday that he changed the terms his support for a controversial GOP-sponsored mandatory ultrasound bill at the last minute this week because he didn't realize until that point that the law would require an invasive, transvaginal procedure. Instead, he and a few Republican delegates rewrote the bill to mandate regular abdominal ultrasounds before an abortion, even though they are ineffective during the earliest weeks of pregnancy.

During the amendment process, McDonnell told a Politico panel, "We realized there was [sic] different kinds of ultrasounds, so what I recommended to the General Assembly, and they adopted the other day is, let's make the requirement for an abdominal ultrasound. We found out through the medical community that in most cases if it's not sufficient, on their own they already do other kinds of ultrasounds. So I said let's make those amendments. I also got legal advice from various people that these kinds of mandatory, invasive requirements might run afoul of Fourth Amendment law."

Isn't it terrible how those damn Democrats treat our noble Republicult Governor? He didn't know. How could he know? He's a Repub and they don't know anything.


  1. Doesn't the medical professional already have in place a "standards of operating procedure" for each operation? Why does the government think they are smarter than the medical profession? Guess they just can't keep well enough alone.

  2. Obviously, this has nothing to do with medicine or health. It has to do with stopping abortion, a legal procedure with a long standing. I don't understand why the people sponsoring these absurd and intrusive bills don't just say that. Are they afraid of their own beliefs?