Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anti-Gay Vote in Va.: What Do We Do with the Children Now?

Lord, aren't they lovely in their fury?
Meanwhile, as the Republican Cultists in the Virginia Senate agreed with their House of Representatives counterparts yesterday that, yes, the state should support religious organizations that administer adoptions, but no, gay people can't play.

Let me mention that two Democrats, Sens. Charles J. Colgan (D-Prince William) and Phillip P. Puckett (D-Russell), joined the nut fringe, avoiding a 20-20 tie and keeping the Lt. Governor from having to break that tie with an all-Repub vote. They need to lose their seats.

The Richmond Times Dispatch points out this morning that "Virginia ranks 49th in the nation in the ability to adopt the foster children in its care, of which there are more than 5,300." We're already next to last and these anti-abortion types take away yet another option to caring for those children, claiming religious freedom.

The real religious issue here is whether the government should be supporting religious organizations, a situation that was brought to full fruition during the Bush II administration and one that has resulted in nothing good.

Look like today lines up as a big one for the anti-woman, pro-gun agenda of our fearless leaders in Richmond. The Rape by the State bill looks like a sure thing as do any number of gun bills that promote the 17th century values of these lovely people.



  1. And who's going to pay for it? I think about Santorum's latest admission of how most aborted babies are deformed or have Down's Syndrome, and how he feels it's wrong to abort any baby. Do you know how expensive it is to raise a special needs person? Again, who's going to pay for it? I wish one journalist on the campaign trail would do their job and ASK THAT QUESTION! Because Republicans certainly don't want ObamaCare. They made that clear.

  2. Is Virginia really open for business? Who would want to open a business here?
    1. In Virginia, orphaned and unwanted children cannot have loving homes if the people who want to provide that home happen to be of the same sex.
    2. Unwanted, possibly tragically deformed babies must be born to unwilling parents.
    3. Women seeking to terminate a pregnancy must first be unwillingly, internally examined with medical instruments, to demonstrate that there is a fetus, (as if that will suddenly alter an already difficult decision.)

    So under these laws, this is the way Virginia will play to the rest of the world:
    Virginia must filled with dimwitted trollops who reproduce like rabbits.
    Either Virginia is populated by people who are uneducated, ignorant, and intolerant or Virginia's same sex couples must all be perverts. Many homeless and orphaned children will enter Virginia society without having experienced values and training that a home provides. These offspring may be legally shot when they break into homes looking for food. Having committed crimes against society, they will be incarcerated at tax payer's expense. But surely Virginia must be a charitable state, because it is controlled by religious legislators, and Virginia is for Lovers.

    Only uneducated minds think that homosexuality is a choice, that it is a disease, or somehow curable. So how have we come to the place where there is a bill about to be signed limiting adoption to only heterosexuals?

    The anti-abortion bill has traded $10,000 paid for 10 abortions for medicare patients last year, for hundreds of thousands of dollars for babies that will now be born, that will need special treatments, possible surgeries, medicines, special equipment, hospitalization, doctors, nurses, etc. for the rest of their lives; to be paid for by, MEDICARE. Way to count those beans, boys!

    How is it that women's rights are being stripped away in the name of religion, in 2012? How and why did religion weave negative influence into a government that separates church and state? Religious organizations impacting our laws regarding birth, and adoption are doing a reprehensible disservice to the citizens of Virginia. They are hurting all of our citizens, present and future, born and unborn, dependant and tax-paying, and our economy will suffer exponentially, as a result.

  3. Arnette:

    You need a blog. Elegantly stated, ma'am. Thank you for saying it here.

    1. Thank you Dan, for keeping us informed, and providing a forum for comment.