Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day: The Freshness of New Snow

First light on the weeping cherry tree in the front yard at La Casa Edinburgh (my house).
The old green rocker looking fancy.
The large oak at the edge of my back yard gets first light.
My buddy the frog having fun.
Back fence in black and white.
Edinburgh Drive view, complements of ApCo.
How deep is it? This deep.
How pretty is it? This pretty.
We're sitting on probably six inches of snow this morning in Northwest Roanoke and I don't remember a snow being prettier with the bright freshness and the azure sunlit sky. I'm taking Grandbuddy Madeline sledding in a bit--before reading proof of the magazine the rest of the work day (isn't it great to own your own business for days like this?).

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