Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quote of the Day: Avoiding the Blame in Virginia

Mark Sickles
Republicans "are freaked out by the (ultrasound) bill and the reaction it's gotten across the country. I think they're probably trying to figure out a media strategy to figure out a way to get off the front pages."

--Del. Mark D. Sickles, (D-Fairfax)

Note: This is the bill that women are calling "state-sponsored rape" and they have a very good point. It is a thinly-disguised effort to make abortion even more difficult to get in Virginia, where it is almost impossible to access already.


  1. What fear is behind the apparent compelling need to legislate what happens in a woman's body? Women have no desire to manage the bodily functions of men. What possible gain is there to be derived from this bill, other than to present Virginia as a backwoods place full of arcane ideas, that disrespects women, and prefers dominance over equality? Treatments, tests, procedures pertaining to health should occur in agreement between the patient and the physician. If our bodies are not our own, how can they belong to others?

  2. Want off the front page? Quit trying to legislate your religious beliefs.