Sunday, February 12, 2012

OK, So Who Was That Team Playing Against Jeremy Lin?

Lin dribbles against Muskies'/Wolves' Ricky Rubio
With all the Jeremy Lin mania going on, my guess is almost nobody noticed that the team Lin's New York Knicks played last night had the name "Muskies" on the front of its jersey.

The team was the Minnesota Timberwolves, but the throwback jersey is from the Minnesota Muskies of the old American Basketball Association (ABA), the league that gave us the three-point shot, Dr. J, red-white-blue basketballs and small-market teams like the Virginia Squires, which played occasionally in Roanoke.

The Muskies played one season, 1967-68, and not much is remembered about them.

Lin, of course, is the Asian-American, Harvard grad who has led the Knicks to five straight wins and doesn't exactly fit the demographic of the NBA player. His bro-in-arms with the Knicks is a white Stanford grad. Strange times we live in.

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