Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day II: Maddie and Pampa Have a Wreck

Maddie and Pampa get ready for a run down Memorial Hill.
And they're off ...

Pampa bounces off the sled and Maddie chases after it.
Maddie checks Pampa's pulse. He's not quite dead. yet.

 OK, so I'm convinced: God made little kids and grandpas so they could go sledding together. Give me another reason that makes that much sense. She needs an adult to go and I needed a kid to make it possible. Made for each other. This morning--about 8 o'clock (grandpa/kid time)--we took the first run down Memorial Avenue Hill over in Wasena/Raleigh Court and that amounted to the sled getting away from Maddie, who had to chase it down the hill without riding. But things settled after that and we had some good runs, including this one, which was a killer for the old man and a hoot for the kid.

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