Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Pretty Good Day for the Kids

Pampa and the girls ready to paint.
The kids get help selecting their colors.
Gracie concentrates on her lizard.
Maddie paints away on her mirror.
Took my grandkid Maddie and her buddy Grace over to Glazed Bisque-It this morning for their ceramic painting session and these independent little ones took over from the moment we walked through the door. This was a perfect activity for them, one requiring a level of creativity and self-assured bull-headedness, which the kids have in spades.

They labored through a pretty snowstorm that subsided just as we left to go to lunch on City Market, where we ran into my pal Jeff Rigdon, the Viking who invited both of them onto his ship for the St. Patrick's Day parade in Roanoke next month (on Maddy's birthday, as it happens). They will be short Valkeries and the girls are ecstatic. Jeff also asked Maddie if she'd ride (as a princess) in Pearl Fu's rickshaw next weekend in the Marginal Arts Festival parade. Then, he topped it all off by requesting that the kids be in his Viking movie, a sequel to one made earlier.

Petty good day for the kids and it still had a lot of hours left in it.

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