Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quote of the Day II: The Demise of Komen Foundation

"The Susan G. Komen Foundation story appears to be one of power abuse, corporate cronyism, and politicized decision-making. The Komen group has been extremely aggressive in its attempts to force other such groups off the field so that it can dominate breast cancer giving.

"That's too much power for one organization to have -- especially if it has shown itself to be unwilling to act transparently and change direction when it abuses that power. Stem cell research is a highly promising avenue for a cure. If the organization that's moved so aggressively to dominate funding refuses to fund it, an approach has been partially obstructed that might eventually save millions of lives in the future."

--This is the conclusion of a long and detailed piece by Richard Eskow in HuffPost today (here). It's worth the read if you care just how wrong this Republican-dominated organization has gone. It is sad. Very sad.


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