Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pro Life, Pro Tobacco, Pro Bullshit

Let us all note that Greg Habeeb, who replaced the execrable Morgan Griffith in the 8th District Virginia House of Delegates seat, has taken up where Griffith the Awful left off.

The "Pro Life" Republican Habeeb has introduced a resolution to congratulate Milan (Brothers) Tobacconists in Roanoke for 100 years of selling tobacco to people. I hope Habeeb notes that tobacco is not pro life. It kills 400,000 Americans (not to mention all those millions of Chinese, Japanese, Europeans, South Americans, etc.) a year.

One kudo for Habeeb. He seems to know Roanoke exists. Griffith didn't recognize that fact. Still doesn't

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  1. I didn't vote for Habeeb. The Milan Brothers probably financed his campaign. Maybe people will see the light when his term is up.