Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jerusalem Restaurant: Mostly Italian, All Good

Discovered that Jerusalem Restaurant on Williamson Road (near the intersection with Hershberger Rd.) is as advertised by my friend Pearl Fu: an Italian/Mid-Eastern eatery that is run by a Palestinian.

Jerusalem, which is home for the owners (Fathi Jadid and Neadal Kanan), has a range of dishes from both cultures, but leans more heavily toward Italy. It features an active take-out business.

My guest and I ate calzone, which I adore, and the small calzone was too large (I got a to-go box), but so full of flavor. I had the vegeterian, she the Greek. There were few people in the restaurant tonight, but it's new and my guess is that word is not out yet. I hope this little restaurant can last because it fits nicely with the international flavor that Williamson has so enthusiastically adopted.

Go visit. I think you'll like the food.

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