Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Few Thousand Votes and a Frenzied Media

So, let's take a look at the numbers and see just how many of are taking part in presidential politics these days. The Republican caucuses  are simply embarrassing with only Iowa having more than 6 percent of eligible voters participating. That stinks. Even the 6.5 percent of voters participating in a small state smells up the joint.

In states where there have been primaries, a few thousand voters are sending the national news media into a frenzy, reporting not on the vacuous nature of the Republican debate, but on the horse race, who's ahead amount hundreds of Republicans, the bulk of whom are certified nutcases.

The candidates are spending obscene amounts of money per vote and collecting said money from some of the shadiest figures in American business and industry, a veritable mafia of double-dealing, insider, fatcat, cigar-smoked, creepoids who expect that money back in many multiples.

Politics is not just broken in my favorite country; it has been shattered. I'm not sure it can be pieced together again.

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