Friday, February 24, 2012

George Allen-Tim Kaine Take Sides on 'Personhood'

Allen and Kaine pretending to like each other.
Here's your chance to vote on the Personhood Amendment. Take a look at this video of a debate between senatorial candidates Tim Kaine (Democrat) and George Allen (Republicult) whose views are at opposite ends of the scale.

You'll note that Allen says he has a "100 percent pro life voting record in the Senate," which is just wrong. He has voted to support war, tobacco, guns, the death penalty and any number of other issues that are anything but "pro life." These anti-abortion people seem to think they are "pro life" just because they oppose abortion and that is counter to any kind of rational thinking.

Abortions are not conveniences. They are most often performed because bringing the child into the world would cause extreme hardship for the family, the community, the culture and the child. It is not a casual decision and not one taken lightly. But "pro life" does not describe opposition to this procedure.

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