Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thought for the Day: I Was Right About Anne Adams

I spent a good part of Thursday in Monterey with one of my honest-to-god real life heroes. Anne Adams is a newspaper publisher who reminds me of every reason I fell in love with the business and held its best practitioners in the highest esteem possible for many years.

I don't feel that so much any more because of the way things are turning out in my business, but when I get to spend a few hours with Anne and the few left who are like her, I am renewed and the open-faced smile of appreciation returns.

Anne is a hero in the best sense of the word--not the overblown military and sports variety. She has guts, commitment, ethics that are beyond discussion, a level of grit that would embarrass Rooster Cogburn and a commitment to her tiny community of Monterey and the three counties her Recorder covers.

You can read my story on her in the December issue of Virginia Living magazine and I think you'll adore her as I do. I can't wait to write it. Being able to do stories like this has kept me interested for nearly 50 years. Special, special, special.

(Photo by John Bruce.)

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