Thursday, August 29, 2013

Slamming the Door in the Face of Civil Rights

There were Republicans in this crowd, but not in the 50th Anniversary celebration.
I'm wondering how in the world--come November and the elections--Republicans will explain their absence from yesterday's 50th Anniversary celebration of the 1963 March on Washington, a highlight of the Civil Rights movement.
  • Are they opposed to Civil Rights (they weren't in 1963)? 
  • Were they invited (yes, the invitations are in writing and documented)? 
  • Were the invitations late (no)? 
  • Were the Repub representatives sick (George Bush had a stint put in his heart two or three weeks ago, an out-patient procedure)? 
  • Do they hate black people (likely)? 
  • Do they not want people of color to vote (you guessed it)? 
  • Do they want to turn back the clock (well, yes)?
I think this is all very clear and unmistakable and when Repubs come seeking votes from anybody who agrees that Americans should have the same rights, we should throw a glass of cold water in their faces at the door. Then slam the damn door. That's what they did to us.

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