Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Leah and Meah Take a Hike in Early Fall

Old people kissing. A moment under the falls at the end of a brisk walk (brisk by old people standards)
Leah at one of the lower falls. Looks happy, huh?
Leah and I took advantage of a simply gorgeous fall afternoon today (in near-mid-August) to drive up to Roaring Run and walk up to the falls. She had not been there. She had a treat on an 80-degree overcast day with clean, sweet air surrounding us.

We walked, put feet in the water (mine), ate a picnic lunch, took a little old-people kiss break at the falls and reveled in living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

This was a lovely day with a lovely woman, one I treasure.
Pampa soaks his feet in--brrrrrr--54 degree water. Invigorating, it was.
Leah and Meah celebrate being together. We like each other. She even liked my pink shirt.
This is why you go to Roaring Run. Pretty, huh?
The prettiest girl in the room, poses in a bigger room than usual.

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