Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PBS Bowing to Pressure from a Koch Brother

David Koch of the Koch empire.
A few years ago, when George Bush was dicking around with PBS and winning, I expressed deep concern about the future of the public television network. The infestation of right-wing influence has only increased since Ken Tomlinson was made head of the public airwaves by Bush and now we have the notorious David Koch of the Koch brothers censoring programming.

Here's a story on how Koch's influence, apparently only implied because of his displeasure with a previous program, has led PBS to shelve its Independent Lens production of "Citizen Koch," a revelatory look inside the oil barons' political influence. Koch is a PBS donor of some significance at a time when the government--led by the Koch brothers' employees in Congress--is eliminating funding for public broadcasting. It's sad and disturbing, but PBS has turned on us, bending over to the monied right-wing fanatics.

I don't see something similar happening at Public Radio, but I didn't see it coming at PBS a few years ago, either.


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