Saturday, August 10, 2013

Me and the Girls Take a Road Trip

Leah meets us in her Lynchburg driveway with a hug. Maddie got hers first.
First stop: Lynchburg City Market for breakfast.
Maddie and I took a road trip this morning to Lynchburg to spend the day with Leah. It was a full day and Mads only melted down once--when the bike ride got a little longer than she thought wise.

Fun day with my two favorite gals.

Maddie poses on Leah's Son Paul's sculpture downtown.
Quick stop for a couple of hotdogs.
Maddie lobbied for a doll. She didn't get it.
We stopped at the tunnel on the Blackwater Trail, Lynchburg's lovely greenway.
Last stop was the pool at VES, where Leah works.

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